Larry J. Hoover, P.E.

Ridge & Associates, Inc.



Deep Rock Energy, Cushing, OK: Project Manager — design of mechanical portion of Phase 3 expansion, Cushing North Terminal (2011-Present).


Enbridge Energy, Cushing, OK: Project Manager — design of three (3) expansions, consisting of (15) storage tanks and related site work, piping, and electrical power/control (2010-2012).


Plains All-American Pipeline Company, Cashion, OK: Project Manager — design of expansion/upgrade to the Cashion, OK Pipeline Pump Station, including new pumps, piping, instrumentation, and electrical power (2010).


Consolidated Terminal and Logistics Company (CTLC): Project Manager — design of ethanol rail car unloading to barge loading facility, Mt. Vernon, IN, including unloading (4) rail cars simultaneously and loading them directly into a barge on the Ohio River (2010).


Jacobs Petroleum Company, Waynesburg, PA, and Oakland, MD: Project Manager — design of new petroleum bulk plants, including new loading racks, new tanks, new pumps, and new concrete containment dikes (2010).


IC RailMarine, Convent, LA: Project Manager — design of facility to receive UAN fertilizer by ship, store it in new aboveground storage tanks, and load it out by rail car, truck, or river barge (2008-2009).


Plains All-American Pipeline Company, Cushing, OK: Project Manager — design of Phases 7 and 8 of the ongoing expansion of the Plains Pipeline Terminal in Cushing, OK, consisting of new tanks, new pumps, piping, MCC, prover, and related electrical power/controls (2008-2009).


Plains Marketing Company, Paulsboro, NJ: Project Manager —  design of new (6) tank expansion at the Plains Paulsboro Terminal, including piping, fire protection, and electrical power/controls (2007-2008).


Enbridge Energy, Cushing, OK: Project Manager — addition of eighteen (18) crude oil storage tanks in five (5) phases (2005–2008).

WesPac Pipeline, Memphis, TN: Project Manager — new "grass roots" jet fuel terminal, including storage tanks, pumps, filtration system, pipeline connections, and three (3) loading lanes (2004–2006).

Plains All-American Pipeline, Cushing, OK: Project Manager — the addition of twenty-two (22) 250,000 Bbl (or larger) crude oil storage tanks in six (6) phases (1998–2007).

TEPPCO, Monee, IL: Project Manager — preliminary engineering for new propane truck loading rack, including tanks, pumps, piping, electrical and structural (2000).

National Cooperative Refinery Association (NCRA), McPherson, KS: Project Manager — new “grass roots” truck loading rack, including three (3) loading lanes, vapor control system, terminal automation system, piping, complete control system, buildings, and all related site work (1996–1997).

Mieco Terminalling & Marketing Co., Aberdeen, MS: Project Manager — a new “grass roots” terminal, including tanks, truck loading rack, barge dock, buildings, complete control system, and all related site work (1994–1995).

YPF, S.A., Various Locations; Argentina, South America: Project Manager — basic engineering to upgrade eleven (11) truck loading terminals to modern bottom loading and terminal automation (1992–1993).

Marathon Oil Company, Various Projects, Various Locations (1985–2005).

Amoco Oil Company: Project Manager—major piping and loading rack projects at several locations (1988 – 1995).

Amoco Oil Company Refinery, Mandan, ND: Project Manager — bottom loading rack projects (1993–1994, 1999); various railcar projects (2000–2005).

Defense Fuel Supply Point, Charleston, SC: Project Manager — development of a Foam Fire Protection System for tank farm, truck loading rack, and tank car loading rack (1985–1986).

American Hospital Supply Corporation, Waukegan, IL: Project manager — underground Jet Fuel storage and fueling cabinet for corporate aircraft hanger facility (1985–1986).

Detroit & Mackinac Railway Co., Bay City, MI: Project manager — rehabilitation of existing tank car loading rack to load 20,000-gallon capacity railroad tank cars, and design of new pumping and pipeline system to supply tank car rack (1986).

Chevron Oil, Montvale, VA; Parkersburg, WV; Altoona, PA; Baltimore, MD; Charleston, SC; Washington, DC: Project manager — various small projects (1986).

BP Oil Company, Various Locations: Project manager — remodel of 60+ Bulk Plants (1986–2002).

ARCO, Des Plaines, IL: Project manager — conversion of existing gasoline and distillate loading terminal to a Jet Fuel storage and transfer terminal (1980).

Indiana Air National Guard, Terre Haute, IN: Project manager — Jet Fuel storage expansion and refueler parking facility (1981–1986).

Defense Fuel Supply Point, Cincinnati, OH: Project manager — new Floating Fuel Pier and Air Pollution Abatement for truck, tank car and barge loading/unloading facility on the Ohio River (1982 – 1985).

Gulf Oil, Various locations: Project manager — several major projects (1979-1985).

Standard Oil Company, Various Locations: Project manager — several major projects (1979–1990).

Delta Air Lines, Inc., Dayton, OH and Shreveport, LA: Project Manager — Jet Fuel Storage and Aircraft Refueler Loading Facilities (1980–1982).

Emery Air Freight, Inc., Dayton, OH: Project Manager — Jet Fuel Storage and Aircraft Refueler Loading Facility (1982).

Marathon Oil Company, Powder Springs, GA: Project Manager — Petroleum Storage and Truck Loading Facility. This was a grass-roots project of approximately $4.5 million (1979).

ARCO Petroleum Products Co., Various Locations: Project Manager — fifteen (15) major projects for modification and expansion of fuel storage and handling (1979–1981).