Asphalt blending system

Citgo Asphalt Company

Paulsboro, New Jersey

The Citgo asphalt blending project involved designing a skid-mounted assembly to blend various asphalt components into highly specific asphalt products at an asphalt truck loading rack. This assembly used sophisticated mass meters and instrumentation to control blending, resulting in precise asphalt products that met the specifications of both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Departments of Transportation.

This was the first case in which rack-blended asphalt products received the approval of these DOTs. Until this time, all products had been produced using the more traditional approach of tank blending products in batches. The rack blending approach freed up tank storage, and added greatly to the number of different asphalt blends that could be supplied without increasing tankage. Ridge & Associates provided complete engineering design for the blending skids.

Milan Cramer; Michael Harmon; Stan Brown; and Larry J. Hoover, P.E. worked on this project.