Ethanol Blending at Existing Bottom Loading Racks (2005)

Major Petroleum Company

Several Terminals in the Midwestern USA

This project is on-going, and involves studying the feasibility of incorporating ethanol blending into several terminals, and then proceeding with the detailed design, as appropriate.  To be studied are the condition, size, and availability of existing tanks suitable for ethanol storage; the suitability, condition and availability of existing pumps and product piping; the optimum configuration of the blending arms on the loading rack; and the modifications necessary to the existing Terminal Automation Systems to incorporate the ethanol blending into the control system.  After the completion of the studies, the scope of the detailed design for each terminal will be determined, and design will proceed as directed by the client.

Larry J. Hoover, P.E. and Gary Lieb, P.E. are currently working on this project.