Composite Jet Fuel Storage & Support Facility

Indiana Air National Guard

Hulman Field, ANG Base; Terra Haute, Indiana

The IANG storage and support project consisted of design work for a completely new grassroots facility to store and dispense jet fuel (JP-4) for the Indiana Air National Guard. This new facility was to replace an antiquated underground tank facility that was no longer adequate for the military’s requirements or compliant with state environmental regulations

Ridge & Associates was responsible for all engineering on the new IANG storage and support facility, including:

  • above-ground storage tanks;
  • pumps, filters, and piping;
  • loading and unloading areas;
  • oil/water separators;
  • cathodic protection and fire alarms;
  • electrical control systems;
  • pumphouse building.

In addition to engineering, Ridge & Associates also assisted with procurement, bid document preparation, and construction supervision. The project was completed under budget and on schedule.

Larry Hoover, P.E. worked with the Ridge & Associates staff as necessary on this project.