Truck Bottom Loading Rack

National Cooperative Refinery Association (NCRA)

McPherson, Kansas

The NCRA truck bottom loading rack project involved designing a new high-efficiency bottom loading rack consisting of two loading lanes with space reserved for an additional future lane. The engineering for this project was extensive, including:

  • integrating new pumps and new above-ground piping to tie the new loading rack into the existing refinery tanks,
  • designing suitable ethanol blending, fuel additive, and TAS systems,
  • integrating vapor combustion and oil/water separation capabilities into the system.

For this project, Ridge & Associates also designed the office building and all pavement systems necessary to complement the refinery expansion. Design work was completed in 1996-97.

Larry Hoover, P.E.; Milan Cramer; Stan Brown; Thomas Foust; Michael Harmon; and Ken Schumacher all worked on this project.