Ethanol Blending
Systems (2004)

Sunoco Logistics LP  

Multiple locations in Pennsylvania

This series of projects involved the design of ethanol blending capabilities at several existing Sunoco Logistics loading racks in Pennsylvania.  A typical installation included a truck off-loading slab with unloading pump and piping; new or reconfigured loading pumps; piping to the loading rack; installation of a packaged blending skid assembly; required changes to the existing Terminal Automation System; required structural, piping and electrical changes at the loading rack; and either a new storage tank, or an existing tank modified and converted for ethanol storage use. 

These projects had to be done on a tight time frame to meet regulatory and company deadlines, and all deadlines were met.

Gary Lieb, P.E.; Bruce Feeney; Stan Brown; Sam Wright; Michael Harmon; Ken Schumacher; and Larry J. Hoover, P.E. all worked on the projects.