Ethanol Blending
Systems (2010)

Sunoco Logistics LP  

Five (5) locations in Texas & Louisiana

This series of projects involved the design of ethanol blending capabilities at several existing Sunoco Logistics loading racks in Texas and Louisiana.  A typical installation included a truck off-loading slab with unloading pump and piping; new or reconfigured loading pumps; piping to the loading rack; installation of a packaged blending skid assembly; required changes to the existing Terminal Automation System; required structural, piping and electrical changes at the loading rack; and either new storage tanks, or existing tanks modified and converted for ethanol storage use. 

These projects had to be done on a tight time frame to meet regulatory and company deadlines, and all deadlines were met.

Gary Lieb, P.E.; Bruce Feeney; Stan Brown; Sam Wright; Michael Harmon; Ken Schumacher; Katie Erickson; and Larry J. Hoover, P.E. all worked on the projects.