Jet Fuel Storage/Handling Terminal (2004-2005)

WesPac Pipelines  

Memphis, TN

The Democrat Road Jet Fuel Terminal in Memphis, TN involved the construction of six (6) aboveground tanks to store jet fuel received from pipelines or unloaded from trucks, and to supply the Fed Ex fueling system at the Memphis International Airport. Included, in addition to the tanks, were filtration, pumps, piping, fire protection systems, truck loading/unloading racks, MCC buildings, emergency generators, office building, concrete containment dike, and all related piping, electrical, site work and utilities. Ridge & Associates, Inc. provided complete final design on all aspects of the terminal except the storage tanks.

Larry J. Hoover, P.E.; Milan Cramer; Bruce Feeney; Stan Brown; Mike Harmon; Gary Lieb, P.E.; and Ken Schumacher all worked on this project.