Ridge & Associates, Inc.

Welcome to Ridge & Associates, Inc., specialists in the design of fuel storage and handling facilities for the petroleum industry. Ridge & Associates was founded in 1976, and our philosophy has always been to combine engineering expertise with a firm commitment to Jesus Christ. The result has been dozens of satisfied clients, with 80 percent of our current business coming from clients who return to us with additional projects because they like the way we do things.

With Ridge & Associates, you can count on the best possible professional services in a wide range of engineering areas, including civil and mechanical engineering, electrical design, and environmental planning. We are especially strong in the following areas:

  • Petroleum terminal facilities design - Storage tanks, piping, loading racks, electrical power and control, instrumentation, pollution control, terminal automation, fuel filtration, tank level gauging/alarms, biodiesel/ethanol blending, fire protection, and related site utilities.
  • Crude Oil Storage, Handling, & Pipeline Facilities Design Pumps, metering, storage tanks, sampling, proving, truck/rail loading, electrical panel/control, and related site utilites.
  • LPG Storage, Handling & Loading Facilities Design - Storage tanks, loading, blending, fire protection, metering, electrical panel/control, and related site utilites.

Our staff includes professional engineers with degrees in the major engineering disciplines, as well as designers and CAD draftsmen with 3D capabilities.  With professional engineering registrations currently in 35 states, we can practice nationwide to serve you wherever you need us. Our high rate of repeat business testifies to the quality of our work. 

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